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Where does the name Dzin come from?

‘Dzin’ means ‘people’ in the Fribourg dialect.
But why ’people’? Because people are at the heart of the platform. It puts local people who want to share their passion, their craft or their love for the region in touch with visitors who are seeking interaction, authenticity and new experiences.

Dzin is also a way to sustain and share local traditions and regional savoir-faire, while boosting the local economy.
The Dzin community includes professionals and amateurs, who are all passionate about their activities and their region. The dzin.ch platform enables them to share in the community and raise its profile.

The dzin.ch platform has been developed by a range of stakeholders in the canton, with the shared aim of enabling visitors and residents to discover all the wealth of the regions through the people who bring them to life.
It is managed by the Union fribourgeoise du Tourisme. The regional tourist offices and all the International Junior Chambers in the canton of Fribourg are working together on its development and the project is supported by the New Regional Policy (NPR).  
Contact us:

Union fribourgeoise du Tourisme
Rte de la Glâne 107
Case postale 1560
1701 Fribourg
Phone. +41 (0)26 407 70 20
Fax +41 (0)26 407 70 29

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