Become a Dzin

Anyone can become a Dzin. Whether you are a craftsman, a guide, a professional or an amateur, you can offer an activity linked to the region.
Register by filling in the form below. Your proposal will be reviewed and you will receive your login details so that you can manage the web page for your activity. If you wish, you can offer several activities.

Who can offer an activity?

Any business or individual aged 18 or over, with an email address.

Essential criteria:
  1. The activity should offer personal interaction. E.g.  guided cycling tour – yes / cycle hire - no
  2. The activity should be rooted in the local area and have a specific link with the region. E.g. folk dance class – yes / salsa class - no. Nature photography course – yes / studio photography course - no
  3. The activity should be offered at least 4 days a year. If you offer two or more activities, you must offer at least 2 dates per activity
  4. The minimum price per person (adult or child) is CHF 10.00. Please consider that 20% of the indicated price will be withdrawn.
  5. The minimum number of participants should be between 1 and 4. The maximum number of participants may not exceed 20. The activity should be available to individual participants for a maximum fixed price: i.e. if the minimum number of participants is not reached, those already registered should be able to take part by paying a fixed price. E.g. price per person CHF 20, fixed price CHF 110. Activity for 3 – 10 people. If only one person is registered, he/she may either pay CHF 110 or cancel.
  6. The activity should take place within the canton of Fribourg, in one of the 7 districts (including “La Broye vaudoise” and enclaves).

The Dzin 10 commandments

1. Offer a warm welcome. Smile, be positive, be sociable
2. Promise to share your activity in a spirit of friendship and generosity
3. Undertake to accept only as many participants as you can easily manage
4. Offer an activity which best represents your passion and your skills
5. Guarantee the accuracy of the information included in the description of the activity and your profile
6. Undertake not to cancel your activity except for good reason
7. Undertake to treat your visitors fairly, without discrimination
8. Undertake to fix a date for which you will not accept reservations except through the Dzin platform
9. Undertake to ensure the safety of the visitors and to take out adequate and appropriate insurance for your activity
10. Undertake to declare your earnings in accordance with the law and to comply with all legislation relevant to the activities you offer

Personal datas

Information about the proposed activity

If the minimum number of participants is 3 and only 2 people register, those registered will be offered the fixed price so that the activity can take place.

Still not sure?

Here are some reasons to join us:
  • will allow you to share your passion in a friendly atmosphere, while promoting it

  • It will help you raise awareness of your activity and give it a higher profile

  • gives you a reliable distribution channel and a secure payment system

  • And at the same time you will generate additional income