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Fribourg |Matthias Haymoz

Visitors will get to know the most beautiful cellars, bars and pubs of Fribourg on a gustatory tour – on all levels:
The basements of «Banshees», «La Blonde» and «Sous-Sol» are possible stops as well as "Le Toro", "Cyclo" and "Paddy Reilly's" on the ground floor – or the "XXe", "Talk Wine" and the terrace of "Belvédère" high above the city.

Every stop is accompanied by a brief historical and gustatory abstract of the eclectic brewing culture of Fribourg.

Meeting place
Place de Notre Dame (Fountain)
1700 Fribourg
Practical information

Casual clothes according to the weather, as we'll be walking from bar to bar. The first drink is included in the price, please bring an extra CHF 25.- for the evening and – if hungry – eat something before we start. The exact tour depends on the season and opening hours.

Full price
15CHF / person
Around 4 h

Fribourgeois à 100 % – j'ai mes racines à l'est de la ville, j'ai grandi au nord de la ville et j'y habite depuis douze ans – j'ai toujours été fasciné par la beauté architecturale, la diversité culturelle et l'unicité gastronomique de Fribourg.

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