Strollunderthestars and tales around the fire

Moléson-s-Gruyères |Attitude Oxygen Marlyse, Natacha, Rachel, Cyrille

A walk by night-time, where one can hear the crunching sound of the snow under the feet. By arriving at the chalet, you immerse into a world of legends and tales. Enjoying a typical Fondue from the region of Fribourg, we listen to tales about black and white chamois, elves, goblins and witches and warm up around the fire.

Stroll under stars and tales around the fire

Meeting place
1663 Moléson-s-Gruyères
Practical information

Easy walk. Hiking shoes and clothes adapted to the season and the weatherforcast of the day. Some drink.

Full price
80CHF / person
Around ~5h

Amoureux d’espace où l’homme renoue avec ses racines, nous vous emmenons, de chemins en sentiers, à la rencontre d’une nature belle et sauvage. Marlyse, Natacha, Rachel et Cyrille, tous 4 accompagnateurs(trices) en montagne diplômé(e)s, sauront vous faire vivre l'authenticité de l'instant présent.

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Attitude Oxygen Marlyse, Natacha, Rachel, Cyrille

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