Le Petit Armailli

Charmey |Attitude Oxygen Marlyse, Natacha, Rachel, Cyrille

How it is possible that the milk becomes some cheese ?
What is an « armailli » ? Why does it eat the popular « soup of chalet ».
And the « tavillon » ?
How and Why we make horns of the Alps ?
And what’s about the « Bounet Rodzo » ?
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You will have all the answers during this day dedicated to the alpine heritage by the experiment.
A little walk to discover and pick some traditional edible plants which grow aroud chalets
By your own experiment you will learn to make the cheese, following the process since the milk up to the cheese and return home with the product of your experiment.
You will also be the actors of your meal by making the traditional soup of chalet, partially with the collected plants
A day between tradition and experience

Le petit armailli

Meeting place
Gros Plan 8
1637 Charmey
Practical information

From May to september. Easy walk. Hiking shoes and clothes adapted to the weatherforcast of the day. Some drink.

Full price
80CHF / person
Around ~7h

Lover of space where Man can find his roots, we take you in footpath to the meeting of a beautiful and wild nature. Marlyse, Natacha, Rachel and Cyrille, all mountain leaders awarded a diploma, will know how to make you live the authenticity of present moment.

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Attitude Oxygen Marlyse, Natacha, Rachel, Cyrille

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